Objectif Group

An experienced team that mentors builds revenue generating startups.

We believe advice is meaningless
without context.

We believe in doing a tour of duty; not acting as disconnected consultants.

We believe in data-driven everything and iterating quickly.

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This is the Objectif Group. We work with a handful of startups each year and help them scale. We're high-touch and deeply involved in each of the businesses we work with.

We don't mentor or advise. We're highly focused on what's important for growth and success. We embed into the day-to-day with founders to help solve challenges in scaling sales and teams.

Our approach is simple, yet practiced. We mind the gap(s) and allow the founders to focus on what they're best at.

The value we provide is always limited in lifespan, but wide in scope.

We work with companies who are VC backed or have bootstrapped to cash-flow positive.

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